Haus Interior Candles

$ 27.20 $ 34.00

Each Haus Interior 14 oz. candle is made of coconut wax and is hand poured in Los Angeles.  The collection features 10 carefully developed scents with an average burn time of 60-70 hours.  Our candles are packaged in an environmentally friendly, USA produced and stylish kraft container.  

Mountain Haus: Blue Spruce & Cedarwood; A blue spruce needle and lavender base enhanced by the notes of cedar wood, patchouli  and sandalwood. Sweeping and adventurous.

Gate Haus: Birchwood; A woody base is combined with the scent of fir needles and enhanced by sweet vanilla.  Earthy and grounded.

Boat Haus: Balsam & Grapefruit; Crisp grapefruit is blended with the fresh scent of evergreen. Balanced and tranquil.

Modern Haus: Fir Balsam & Pinion; A green pine base lifted with notes of pine, oak and musk. Simple and polished.

Holiday Haus: Pine; A full range of pine notes. Warm and fulfilling.

Winter Haus: Fig & Fireside; A warm fig base is complimented with the smokey notes, reminiscent of a wood-burning fireplace. Comforting and inviting.

Glass Haus: Basil & Moss; A basil base combined with hints of moss. Organic and alive.

Row Haus: Bergamot & Rosewood; Bright bergamot is balanced with floral rosewood, opulent and sophisticated.

Summer Haus: Coconut & Vanilla; A coconut base mixes with tonka and vanilla bean notes, beachy and clean.

Play Haus: Cedarwood & Darjeeling; A light cedar wood base enhanced with upper notes of Darjeeling. Wholesome and uplifting.

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