Ekelund & Viskaform Kitchen Textiles

$ 25.00

Towels & table runners in the Grow & Rain patterns & cellulose dishcloths in Rain from the Viskaform collection.

Towels are 48 x 70 cm
Runners are 35 x 120 cm
100% cotton
Dishcloths are 18 x 20 cm
100% cellulose

The Viskaform Collection from Ekelund Weavers combines a traditional Swedish sensibility with modern designs and funky motifs. Based on the paintings of award-winning Norwegian designer Lasse Skarbøvik, the designs of the Viskaform collection are inspired by the modern world: street art and graffiti, the human form and the computer avatar. In these bold, tessellated patterns, we see people and animals, plants and buildings, pixels and roadmaps. These elements of modern and traditional human life are made whimsical and new in utilitarian household tools, from rugs and runners to trivets and towels. While the textile patterns are still generated using a time-tested process from 1805, Viskaform's product line is vivid, intrepid, and undeniably exciting.

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