Anemone decorative table linen, Dora Jung design

$ 19.20 $ 24.00

Anemone was designed by iconic Finnish textile and industrial designer Dora Jung in 1961, a Japanese style "little linen" that was a completely new style in its time.

Renowned worldwide, this Finnish textile artist, craftswoman, and industrial designer had a career that spanned five decades. In her day, DORA JUNG was known as a bold reformist and a pioneer in crafts and arts. She developed her own weaving techniques - with a unique sense of aesthetics, colours, and shapes and a perfect hand with the finest linens. Her designs garnered important awards both in Finland and abroad.

"Dora Jung was known for not compromising, and that he called himself always best. Dora Jung constantly search for new opportunities to express their thoughts and feelings through tekstiiliensä. He questioned the materials and weaving limitations and was not afraid to seize the seemingly impossible challenges."

Size: 35x35 cm (approx 14" x 14")
Color: Rose or Bluish Grey
Material: 100% linen 


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