SNE Design Felt Children's Basket - Happy Forrest

$ 10.00 $ 40.00

We can't promise that they will automatically tidy up after themselves - but your kids will absolutely adore these felt storage baskets. They're both pretty and practical, and they fit perfectly on a shelf or on the floor on their own. Designed in Norway by Christine Emilie Sveen.

SIZE: Length: 33 cm. x Width: 33 cm x Height: 33 cm. (approx 13" x 13" x 13")

CARE: If you use me a lot, and I start pilling, you can carefully go over me with a hot iron. If I get stained, I prefer a gentle wipe with a damp soft cloth. And don't put me in a washing machine, that's going to - literally - destroy me. And we don't want that.


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