Ihanna Home Storage Bag

$ 48.00

Ihanna Home Basket is a light and durable multi functional item. The basket is made from recycled bottles (PET) and the handles are made from leather.

Ideal for toys, firewood, picnics, plants, laundry, magazines, knitting items, towels/blankets, and any home items that need a stylish home!

Small: height 24 cm – diameter 35 cm
Medium: height 31 cm – diameter 35 cm
Large: height 47 cm – diameter 35 cm

material: Felt (100% recycled plastic)

IHANNA HOME is an Icelandic company founded in 2008 by Ingibjörg Hanna Bjarnadottir. The company designs and manufactures high quality interior products with a graphic touch, inspired by our Nordic roots.

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