Lapuan Kankurit Terva Towel

$ 21.00
Finnish textile company Lapuan Kankurit creates this fabulous hand towel. This Terva towel is made of washed linen, cotton, and tencel. Tencel is made from wood fibers using eco-friendly methods. Lapuan Kankurit developed technical, a soft and absorbent textile to bring bathing enjoyment to a whole new level. Absorbency of the product has been raised in the production stage of the washing treatment, making it immediately ready for use. This towel is very absorbent and it also dries quickly, so it is hygienic. Thanks to its lightness, this towel is the perfect on the go.
Hand towel: 48 x 70 cm (approximately 19 x 28 in)
Bath towel: 85 x 180 cm (approximately 37 x 71 in)

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