Makerware Gilded Geometric Cube Necklace

Makerware Gilded Geometric Cube Necklace

$ 72.00

The C U B E N E C K L A C is a unique geometric necklace that makes a bold statement.

The necklace features a hand cut and shaped cube made from mahogany wood. The mahogany pendant is gilded on the front facing side with shiny copper leaf. The necklace cord is made with a lightweight sand colored, high strength cord (75lb breaking strength). 

The minimal cord features a open copper circle inline with the cord. The wooden pendant is free moving on the cord, which allows you to position the open copper circle on either side of the necklace placing it higher or lower to match any neckline.

24” long

This necklace is 100% hand-crafted
-mahogany hardwood
-genuine copper leaf
-clon cord
-solid copper circle

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