Raaka Chocolate Bar

$ 7.99

Raaka is one of the few chocolate makers that does unroasted (or raw), chocolate right. Not roasting the beans presents an interesting challenge to chocolate makers and the flavor is a unique departure from traditional methods.  Made with ❤ in Red Hook.

Maple & Nibs: This bean is characterized by rich, earthy flavors. Raaka has added nibs and a bit of maple here, lending a warm toastiness, as well as a delicious, fudgy crunch to a wonderful combination.

Hibiscus & Cinnamon: This limited batch is a lush, ambrosial blend of hibiscus flowers, cinnamon, and vanilla. The distinctive tart cherry notes of hibiscus add refreshing vigor to fruity Peruvian cacao, while cinnamon and vanilla bean lend waves of warmth. The recipe was created as an ode to the flavors, colors, and ethnic traditions of chocolate maker Hector Hernandez’s home, Puebla, Mexico. This is a limited batch bar from our Best of First Nibs collection.

Coconut Milk: We grind shredded coconut with cacao for a creamy, full-bodied "milk" chocolate with velvet melt and a fruity, strawberry note on the finish. One bite and you'll find yourself sitting on a beach somewhere, with all memories of traditional milk chocolate melting away... (vegan)

Pink Sea Salt: A little bit of salt brings out just the right amount of fruity, sweet notes in this house blend of cacao from the Dominican Republic and Bolivia. Since its release, this bar has remained a staff and customer favorite. We're proud to use salt from Salt of the Earth Co, who sources salt from the ancient salt mines of Salinas de Maras near Cusco, Peru, and contributes a portion of proceeds back to the surrounding community.

Yacon Root-before it was a confection, cacao was mixed with whole foods like corn and plantains. For this bar, we sweeten cacao with yacón, a Peruvian root, for an intense cacao flavor with a hint of tang. This bar is completely cane sugar-free but completely filled with cacao goodness.

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