Red Flower, Nature Radiant Skin Set

$ 48.00

Red Flower is a New York based bath, body & home scent company whose focus is firmly creating environmentally and socially responsible products that include scented candles and diffusers, facial, hair and body care, all botanically based, 100 percent vegetarian and paraben-free.

Restore the skin to its radiant self using a transformative skin care system.

feel a rush of wellness sourced from the bounty of nature. a potent blend of certified 100% organic ingredients, concentrated antioxidants and active nutrients to deliver real benefits that can be seen and felt. each step works together to heal and improve skin texture, boost hydration and diminish fine lines. experience a complete radiant skin set that includes six key active products in the nature line in travel-ready packaging. designed to be used individually or in succession, creating a toxin-free solution that restores aging skin to optimal health.

radiant skin set includes:
active organic milk forest purifier (32.5 ml),
bioactive berry white peat exfoliant (50 gr.),
lymphatic phytopower sea cleanser and masque
(32.5 ml),
ionizing vita toning flower mist (8.9 ml),
essential omega fresh berry-oil serum (8.9 ml) and
arctic berry cloud milk cream (50 gr.)

one hundred percent botanical. entirely free of all synthetics, parabens, dyes, petrochemicals and sulfates. made with certified organic ingredients. sourced from japan. not tested on animals. packaged in p.e.t plastic for easy recycling. encased in a reusable woven pouch made of sustainable sweet grass. an aromatic herb known as "holy fragrant grass" in greek, it was used for centuries to make woven baskets and burned as incense during ceremonial prayer throughout tribal cultures.

active ingredients: arctic berries, white peat, certified organic mushrooms, sea algae, birch and pure plant hydrosols actively nourish the skin to bring suppleness to the face and body.


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