Red Flower, Wanderlust Softening Hand Lotion

Red Flower, Wanderlust Softening Hand Lotion

$ 18.00

Red Flower is a New York based bath, body & home scent company whose focus is firmly creating environmentally and socially responsible products that include scented candles and diffusers, facial, hair and body care, all botanically based, 100 percent vegetarian and paraben-free.

The Wanderlust scent evokes notes of aged paper, the smell of old books, indelible as the stories themselves. Glimpses of nature that grow between the cracks, of rare barks, white woods, wild grass and warm earthy resins. a space of comforting warmth amidst a snow covered skyline and the clean freshness of Hinoki wood.

The Softening Hand Lotion combines the Wanderlust scent with grapeseed oil which helps to repair the skin and prevent over-drying, while vitamin-e rich apricot oil penetrates deep to deliver active nutrients that increase elasticity. Especially beneficial for the often overlooked and overworked delicate skin on the hands.

100% natural, biodegradable and biocompatible.  made with certified organic ingredients.
free of dyes, parabens, sulfates (sls), petrochemicals and synthetic preservatives.
gluten free, vegan and cruelty free.
flowers hold life.

packaged in p.e.t plastic for easy recycling. made in the u.s.a.


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