Saaga Uni Mohair Blanket

$ 165.00
Cozy up under a luxurious blend of mohair and wool with the Lapuan Kankurit Saaga Uni Mohair Blanket. This blanket will look striking spread across the back of a sofa or displayed on the edge of a bed. One of the oldest textile fibers in use, mohair is made from the hair of Angora goats and used for its luster and sheen as well as durability. Its insulating properties will keep you warm in the winter, and its moisture wicking properties keep it cool in warmer weather. Elastic and crease resistant, the mohair fibers of this beautiful blanket will look and feel fantastic for years to come. 
Size: 130x170 cm (approx 51" x 67")
70% mohair 30 % wool 

Designed by Marja Rautiainen

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