Valhalla Design Aroma Candles

$ 24.00

Valhalla candles are made to bring the aromas from nature to our everyday lives. They use soy wax and high quality essential oils. Candles are decorated with nature based photo design. When you light a Valhalla candle, it will come to life; the scent of nature and see-through photo print on the candle will work as a therapy. Every essence will have a different effect to our mind and body. New age essential oil candles help to boost our immune system and fights against the activity of free radicals. Pure oils are effective in protecting the body from all harm done by various oxidants and toxins. The most beautiful and easier way to bring the aromatherapy to your home.
Burning time 40h.

LEMONGRASS -  Freshness & Energy
PINE FOREST-  Clean air & Healthiness
LAVENDER - Peace & Balance
PALMA ROSE-  Moisture Balance & Anti-aging
ROSEMARY- Beauty & Youthfulness
PEPPERMINT- Mind Clearness
LEMONGRASS-  Freshness & Energy
GRAPEFRUIT-  Pure skin & Clean body
ORANGE-  Positivity & Solar Energy

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