Vallila Rug, Ibiza

Vallila Rug, Ibiza

$ 64.00

The lovely pastel colors and the slight sheen give the Ibiza rug a luxurious finish. The embossing and unique design make the rug a real eye-catcher, perfect for a modern home.

Ibiza rug is made of 61 % viscose, 30 % polyester and 9 % cotton. The rug features non-slip backing. Flat wash at laundry.

Ibiza rugs are part of Vallila Basics, a rug collection that includes single-colored and classic patterned rugs which complement Vallila's design rugs. The Basics series includes rugs made from many materials, ranging from natural materials to durable synthetic fibres.

Collection: AW16: Rugs
Size: 67x110 cm
Material: VI -Viscose 61% / PE -Polyester 30% / CO -Cotton 9%

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