Vallila Rug, Itakyla, 80 x 200 CM Grey

$ 86.00

Vallila Interior is an industry leading Finnish family-run home textile company with ambitions to be a creative and refreshing leader in the world of interior design. Itäkylä, designed by Matleena Issakainen, is a modern cotton rug. The overall appearance of the design is vigorous and it is composed of stripes and spots. The color options provide possibilities in variety of interiors - black-beige-white is ideal for a restful, Scandinavian style. Itäkylä rug is light weight making it easy to move. Cotton yarn as a material is easy to care and a refreshing alternative.

Material:  100% cotton
Size: 80 X 200 CM (approx 31" X 78.5") 
Color: Black, Grey, White

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