Woodlot 8oz Candles

$ 26.00

These eco-friendly candles are made with cotton core wicks that offer a natural, no-soot effect and are lovingly hand-poured with renewable coconut wax. Petroleum free, gmo free, phthalate free. In a recyclable glass jar. Burns for up to 40 hours.

CINDER: A crackling fire. Good books and great company. Warm up with the ones you love. Aromas of vetiver, cedar, orange, and cinnamon.

FLORA: Community gardens. Market fruits and flowers. Welcoming notes of orange and bergamot, soothing properties of cedarwood. Fresh and friendly. A sense of happy home. Aromas of lavender, orange, bergamot, cedarwood, and patchouli.

WILDWOODS: A spirited escape. Thick underbrush, forgotten backcountry roads, new adventures. Live in the heat of the moment. Aromas of balsam, fir, and clove.

ORIGINAL: Inspired by the native trees of Stanley Park, with added exotic notes of eucalyptus, sandalwood and sweet orange. Peaceful and invigorating. A walk in the woods with your love. Aromas of douglas fir, cedarwood, pine, maple, eucalyptus, sandalwood, and sweet orange

CASCADIA:  A mix of patchouli + dense woodsy notes. Alight your sense of adventure. Memories of moments off the beaten track. Pure-essential oil blend of Fir, Cedar + Patchouli

RECHARGE: This scent is perfect for getting things done in your studio or any moment you need to recharge + revive your mood. Uplifting, stimulating characters of rosemary marry fresh mint = ambiance + energy. A simple antidote to stress and fatigue. Aromas of rosemary, mint

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